Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One small leap!

Love the Fall! GO BLUE!

YAY! I won't have to go on a month of birth control. "My ovaries are clear" in Zelda's voice from Poltergeist. My Estradiol level was 28, FSH 4 and LH 4. These are all good numbers for Cycle Day #2! So tomorrow we will be starting the new protocol!

I'm actually pretty excited about this cycle. I have more hope with this new doctor. I was even EARLY to work this morning after my bloodwork and ultrasound! Which is AMAZING! My ultrasound wasn't uncomfortable at all (also amazing), and the phlebotomists are very talented. I think I'm going to like Michigan Comprehensive Fertility. At least I hope I will. I think the only downfall is the $3 to park each and every time.

So keep up those prayers ladies and gentlemen!

Here we go headed for IUI #3 "repeated"!

In other news, my Mister has planned a weekend getaway to Frankenmuth! I'm super stoked. We're staying at the Bavarian Inn. I can't wait to hit the little shops and the pubs!! We have pretzel making reservations and dinner reservations too! Oh man, I'm foreseeing a glutenous weekend....Fudge, Pretzels and Bacon Oh My!

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