Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Morning Kisses!

So as tradition while Steve has been my wonderfully house-husbandy guy I would get up each morning and after I had brushed my teeth, and got ready for my day I would go into the dark cozy bedroom and kiss him goodbye. In his half sleep he would almost everytime say "Bye, Peanut, have a great day" This was each and every workday. Now that Steve has been back to work these wonderful last 2 days the tables have turned. Stev-ee-oh has to be at work an hour before me and so he must get up and leave before I even smash my alarm to snooze. So now I've been getting Good Morning Kisses goodbye and I've been the one to roll over into his warm cozy spot left behind in the bed after he gets up. AND I gotta say it's kinda nice!

I took Steve horseback riding as his Anniversary Surprise on Saturday and HE LOVED IT! He was excited and loved that I thought to do it. He loved it when we went on our honeymoon and that was his first time on a horse. I'm so glad he liked it. The weather was pretty crappy. But it stopped raining long enough for us to go on our ride, so it was perfect! If anyone is interested we went to Crown V Ranch in Highland State Park in White Lake. They were awesome there! Beautiful trails! We saw a bunch of deer and wild turkeys too!

We've been able to start pipe dreaming again about all the things we would like to do. Steve is really geared towards saving up some money and buying a new truck. All in all things are on the up swing.

I'm loving Yoga, it's been great for my piece of mind. It's incredibly relaxing and helps my body to calm down from the stresses of work. Our teacher is bringing me some material about infertility and yoga to tonight's class. Since I'm loving it so much I'm hoping there's things I can do at home to help relax and "channel" some fertile aid!

In that realm of our life, today is cycle day 1! So I've made the obligatory phone call to Doctor B's and will more than likely be going in for my baseline stuff on Thursday. Here's hoping my ovaries are free and clear of debris and we'll be ready to try again. We're not sure with Steve's work schedule how we'll be able to schedule the IUI, but I have faith that it'll work out. We'll figure it out. So guess it's time to get my Sharps container back out and get my injections ready to go! I have a great feeling about October!!!

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