Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blessed is this life

and I'm going to celebrate being alive! (Brent Dennen)

Today marks our THIRD wedding anniversary! I can't believe that only 3 years ago I was making a forever moment with my best friend and the most wonderful guy I know. Three years ago at this very moment I was getting pictures taken with my bridesmaids outside the church trying to peek through the windows to get a glimpse of my soon to be husband! I was nervously waiting to walk up the aisle for my first and last time. Three years later and we are still blessed to be very much in love. We are insync with each other which is a blessing.

Today also marks a wonderful announcement! and NO it's not the annoucement I've been waiting to write on here for the last 2 and a half years, but it's almost as good. My wonderful husband got called back to work today! After 2 years of being laid off from his job, they FINALLY called him back this afternoon. I am so happy and releived! and THANKFUL! Maybe this great turn of events will lead to even more wonderful announcements in the not so distant future.

Until then I'm just thankful and so happy to be marking our 3rd year togther!

PS 3rd year traditional gifts are leather. Steve got me some awesome cowgirl boots! I'm going to weatherproof them tonight and hopefully I'll have some pictures up on my next post of his anniversary surprise!

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rsjablonski said...

I love that song. What a great mantra for your anniversary! I love you. Have a great time celebrating each other and your togetherness. xo