Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest Moon

The weather has been terrific lately (although my hubby would say it's too hot!). I don't mind 85 degree weather in September because I know those days are numbered before the cold stays for good. This week I started Zumba on Mondays, and Yoga on Tuesdays. They are so different from each other and I love them both! Monday's I sweat my toosh off, and Tuesday's I stretch and meditate. It's great! Hopefully it will also help to shed some of this muffin top off. I blame the fertility drugs, but it's also my eating habits. I mean who really NEEDS a cheesesteak for dinner??

Next week is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! It seems like yesterday we were saying "I do" and celebrating in Mexico! Oh how I miss Mexico. Steve has school that night and I have Yoga, so I think we'll probably celebrate here and there over the next week. I'm not sure if or what he has planned, but I'm taking him on a super secret excursion next weekend and then out to dinner at a highly recommended Thai restaurant down the street from where we are going. I'm excited, I hope he likes it. Next week is also my BEAUTIFUL sister's 35th birthday! I want to make her a cake but she'd rather have a present so we'll see what I come up with!

Tomorrow we are off early in the morning to the Michigan game! I love the smell of Ann Arbor on a crisp Saturday fall morning!

On the infertility front, this week marks the last week of BC's! I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to AF. I think I'm most looking forward to this next cycle because we have an aggressive game plan. Needles don't scare me, I'm used to them by now! Oh and I read this great article on how Yoga can help fertility, so that could be a good thing. I'm staying positive and confident. It's our turn, we want it, we've prayed, so keep praying for us guys we'll need it in October!

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