Friday, September 10, 2010

BC blues

Welp, I have to go on birth control AGAIN. More residual follicles stuck in my ovaries that aren't dissolving (OR releasing for that matter) Another month of just waiting, another month being stagnant. At least this month is full of some funfilled events. I have a surprise set up for Steve for our anniversary and I would talk about it but it would probably be the first time Steve ever decides to read this blog.

I'm pretty excited that next weekend we're going to see Alice in Chains at DTE and the Deftones with a group of friends. It's gonna be super fun. I've also signed up for a Zumba class with my a couple friends. Then my Mom and I are doing a Yoga class for 10 weeks. If I do happen to get preggo sometime in October hopefully I'll be a little more toned!! We're going to the Michigan Game on the 25th! I'm super excited! Then the next weekend is my "Surprise" Plus we might go camping the following weekend. So I have plenty of activities coming up to make the time go by til we can get back to this.

I'm just so frustrated and fed up with this process. I just need some prayers and luck on my side. So get ready for October guys, I'm gonna need it!


womb for improvement said...

Yeah, I'm on a birth control break too. It is frustrating but like you I am trying to take advantage of this time to get as fit as I can before I could possibly pregnant. Went to yoga this morning and really feeling it - so it has to be doing something, right?

Jules said...

I can understand 100% what you're feeling. I have friends out here in Arizona that have no idea what it's like to be infertile. They compare four months of trying to conceive with 7 years of trying. I'm the only with no kids and they constantly wonder why I don't attend playdates... hmmm. The worst is that they have no clue what a struggle what we "infertiles" go through. My favorite is when they give advice! Sarah, you are not alone! What you feel is normal and there is nothing wrong with it. I don't wish infertility on anyone but sometimes I do wish they could walk a mile in our shoes. And don't get me started on people who call their children a mistake or complain about having no time for themselves or how many kids they have!