Friday, August 6, 2010


Have you even seen that movie with Christina Ricci where she's born with a pig nosed curse, and her mother is overbearingly trying to marry her off to a "blue-blood", and so she gets overwhelmed and she runs away to experience life for herself, only to find that ******SPOILER ALERT************* she likes herself the way she is pig nose and all, and that's what breaks the curse????

Sometimes I feel like I'm cursed with a pig nose, only in my uterus. I was born with a uterine septum, which doesn't necessarily prevent pregnancy, but it doesn't help sustain one either. Combined with the "pretty sures I've never ovulated naturally", it makes for one heck of a fertility curse. Only unlike Penelope I'm having a pretty hard time liking myself the way I am.

I was NEVER the girl to feel insecure about what I looked like, even though I'm practically a giant in girl terms (6 feet). I was also never the girl to think "Oh I'm so fat" because, well basically, I never had a problem with weight gaining until I hit 25 and BOOM 30lbs goes right on! Lately however, and it's probably due to all the crazy raging hormones from the injections, and then NO injections, and then birth control making me crazy on the inside, I find insecurity creeping into my mindset. I'm puffy, my stomach could definitely use some sit-ups (even though I LOATHE any form of regulated exercise) and I'm really really not eating right.

So Steve and I have come up with a plan.

1. Make a weekly menu
2. Buy as much fresh produce for that menu as possible
3. Go grocery shopping once a week so we only use fresh products
4. Eat healthy, and (for Steve) NO MORE MIDNIGHT snacks!
5. Allow 1 treat a week, but in moderation.

I'm hoping we can stick to this. I do know how we love our Taco Bell!

Are there any homeopathic foods that supposedly increase fertility??? We could try to incorporate those into our menu!


womb for improvement said...

Dunno about foods that actually increase fertility. But Zinc is supposed to be good for his swimmers (and even if they aren't at fault is can't hurt to give them a boost). Zinc rich foods include crab and hummus so there's a good snack right there!

(Just not at midnight.)

rsjablonski said...

You could try coming to Eastern Market with us also. To get fresh produce for the week and a decent price.