Thursday, August 12, 2010

do good things come in large boxes?

So my Menopur FINALLY came! My appeal with my insurance company was approved and two days later my large box came via FedEx. They sent me 4 boxes of Menopur with 5 vials of solution/medication each, and of course my Ovidrel. My friend still hasn't shown up even though I ended the bcp on Sunday night. I'm hoping there isn't something wierd going on which will make me have to take progesterone to bring the b*$&# on, which would set back my IUI day. I guess it depends, I'm trying to time everything out right so that my window doesn't occur while I'm in DC for 2 days. I'm praying that it comes by this weekend or not at all. I leave on the 29th for DC, and last month my IUI was on CD11, so hopefully everything is timed right to do IUI #2 just before I leave.

Last weekend was really nice. We went to the Monroe County fair and saw some crazy circus. Steve and I went to the lake and got to spend the day with my Mom and my sister's kids. Those 3 kids crack me up! We took them to Point Pelee and showed them everything that we love about the place. We couldn't stay long though because the biting flies were abundant and it was awful. Tommy loved the tram out to the tip the best. We also showed them the GIANT TOMATO in Leamington, which is totally silly. We took some cute pictures. Then Sunday we went to my inlaws for dinner and then went to the driving range (which btw, I comepletely suck at)

Steve and I at the Fair

Steve, My nieces and nephew, and my Mom at the 42 line of Latitude, Point Pelee

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We're going to play dollar blackjack at St. Stephen's festival and on Saturday we're going canoeing! Steve also set a quit date for smoking, and I'm so proud that he seems serious about it. I am doing it with him, but since I don't smoke very much at all I don't think it will be as hard for me (here's hoping!)


Jules said...

Hey Sarah, hang in there. I know it's hard. I'm right there with you and I know it's hard. I have another appointment a week from tomorrow. I'm going to tell them that I want to do one more IUI with injectables before I move on IVF. I hope they are willing to do it. I just feel that I need something to give me a little push. Possibly more than 1 follicle would give me more hope. I am 6 weeks late right now, not pregnant and not looking forward to taking Provera again. I hate that my body refuses to ovulate on it's own. Wouldn't live me so much more simple if we did? I have a friend that always says I'm lucky. Then I look at her beautiful daughter and want to scream how lucky she is!

rsjablonski said...

Dear Auntie Groceries and Princess Steve: Thanks for helping Mom with the kids. They had a blast with you guys. BTW I love your new blog background! I know things are hard. I really feel your pain. It must be some sort of empathetic pain transfer. But I have been praying and I know you will get there. xo