Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.

Well here we are back in the swing of things with TTC. I have to say that Menopur burns like I've just taken a shot of grain alcohol on an empty stomach. But it goes away pretty quickly and all I'm leftover with the next day is a nasty headache (only no funny drunk parts in between). Or maybe the headache is being caused by the change in weather, who knows. All I know is *burn* then 12 hours later *headache* and has been such these last 2 days.

Some people might question why we're still in midst of TTC since Steve has still not been able to find fulltime employment. Well no sir, we aren't financially what I would consider quite "stable" but we are making it just like the rest of the shmucks in this lovely 33% unemployment rated county. I am reminded by the fabulous Gloria Gaynor who belted the lyrics "I will survive" and survive we have. When Steve was first laid off we thought it wouldn't last longer than 6 months, and had budgeted accordingly. Now that it's going on 2 years, we might not be as confident, but we are surviving. Why not wait to keep TTC you ask until he finds more gainful employment? Well we are a working couple, and I have a great job, maybe Steve will stay home with the **future*** children. BUT as you can see in the sidebar, this daunting task of TTC has been no easy matter. It has taken us almost 3 years to get to the stage we are, and who would want to stop now? Besides we're not even sure how long it could take to FINALLY work! Oh sure we've taken breaks, to try to regain some normalcy and emotional saneness. It's like being a runner and hitting the wall, you just have to break through it and keep going.

and keep on going we shall....

**feeling a bit stressed and emotional today, must be the Menopur!!**

PS I have been soaking up 2 blogs that I recently fell in love with: Nat the Fat Rat (check her out she is super cute and funny!) & the Nie Nie dialogues (I've read her for awhile, but she's awesomeness!). Both of which has me wondering more about the Mormon faith. I found it beautiful that Mormon weddings are so special and seemingly more private, and that the couple is "sealed" forever in a special ceremony. Anywhoswhatsit, just a PS thought, go check them out!

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