Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy River

Well I went into my RE's office on Saturday morning and still have mature follicles in my ovaries. I had 2 18mm on my right and a 32mm on my left. Which makes sense since I didn't ovulate. So now they've put me on a month of birth control! Ugh! They said this would get rid of the "ovarian debris". Debris! I hate feeling like it's all trial and error. You'd think since I've been annovulatory since the beginning and they were well aware, that giving me a medication that does not have LH would be a no-go. Well I was wrong. I guess Gonal-F only includes FSH hormone. Next month (after the bc's) I will go on a new medication *also injectable* called Menopur which has FSH & LH. Why didn't they give me this from the beginning you ask?? My question precisely. So the IUI was moot. It didn't matter and all the cramping I had was for nothing because those beautiful 4 potential embryos didn't drop. I was crushed and infuriated. On to August I guess.

We had a great weekend though. I FINALLY found a turntable that works at a garage sale for $10! I cleaned out my closet and donated my old clothing while listening to my vintage vinyls. We went to a couple BBQ's over the weekend and went swimming. It was a nice weekend.


Pril said...

Damn girl you are going through a lot. Love you tho and you know I'm hear for ya.
BTW I didn't know you needed a turn table. I have two!! I think ...

Pril said...
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