Monday, March 8, 2010

Its almost spring time, a ring a ling a ling time....

Steve took the above picture on Sunday morning. We thought he was hurt so we called Animal control, which of course was closed. So we called the police, who in turn were going to call a Hawk Rescue. He was just hopping around under our bush for 20 min and we thought he was molting from the stress. Turns out, nope, he's just a mean ole' hawk who was PLUCKING his lunch which happened to be a Morning Dove. And we felt bad for him! At least Steve got a cool picture of him.

I can't wait to get in my backyard and start working on the perennial beds. We have so many plans for the yard, I just hope we can get a few of them checked off our list. The first (if we had the money) would be to put up some kind of plant or fence to block out the neighbors behind us. We also want to move our fire pit, therefore a bush needs to be extracted and moved. I also want a flagstone pathway instead of these ugly terra cotta square stones that are back there now. Oooh and I'm going to actually finish my bathroom in a few weeks too. Oh and my mom and I are planning a trip to find a new mantle for my fireplace! So much to do!!! I can't wait to get started.

Oh man do I have spring fever! It's been in the low 50's for the last 3 days and I'm loving the sunshine. The weather man said the warm temps would even last through this whole week, which is wonderful because this is my last week in Lansing! These last few weeks with all the unpredictable weather and slipper snow treks have made me extremely anxious. I'm not usually a nervous driver, but I've seen more accidents in the last 4 weeks then I think I saw the whole 7 years of driving on I75 to go downtown for work. So to all of you who need it...BEWARE of I96 from Detroit all the way to Lansing. I feel for you if that it your normal commute...what a ulcer inducing experience.

In other news I only have 2 weeks, yep I said it, 2 WEEKS of my undergrad left! I'm so super excited. I believe my grades are sufficient enough to keep me in the running to graduate w/ honors. I'm pretty sure my GPA can't fluctuate too much. My mom said she is super proud of me, and even her BFF Annie is going to come up to MI for my graduation! YAY! I love Ann.

We're also back on the ole' TTC wagon. I just started my first round of femara since November. I'll go in for a follie check next Tuesday and see how it goes. I don't have my hopes up too much, but its hard not to when you've been wanting something for so long.

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