Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthdays and Red Wings and projects!

My flowering tree out front, with my beast on his sun log on a lazy spring afternoon!

My sister in law Sarah turned 21 last month! We went to the casino...I lost, she won! It was fun!

So while Steve is completely engrossed in hockey playoffs and "April in the D" fever. I've been swamped at work and trying to help him with our front yard project after I get off. The last couple weekends we haven't had great weather so we've just relaxed and caught up on housework. He's got a "honey-do" like about 2 pages long, so he's knocked a good portion of that out.

He also broke out our deep fryer that was a wedding gift and although it's not really healthy. The deep fried Paris, TN catfish was SOOOO yummy! I wish I would've taken a picture. It was perfect. We've been cooking quite a bit a home, so maybe I'll update of new things we've tried.

Steve has also gone completely nuts with his bird houses! We now have 3 in the back, one in the front and a sewet cake hanging from the little maple out by the street. I think he's officially become a "BIRDER"! If you're not sure what I mean check out how big it is by the cottage. The FESTIVAL of BIRDS at Point Pelee, Steve is so excited. Every year it happens, but we usually make fun of all the crazy people in khaki outfits and larger than life camera lenses...NOW he wants to be part of it!

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Pril said...

Great photo girl! Of the tree and dog! And if your cooking more then we do we get invited to a dinner party I think it would be GREAT to hang out me you frank and steve!!!