Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My plate is full, may I have seconds?

So sorry I have been slacking! My life has been crazy full lately and absolutely NO time for myself, except in spurts like this one where I'll just have to quickly update whats going on.

First I'm loving my new job! My co-workers here at DHS are all amazing and hard working people. I've learned so much in the last month its not funny. After work I tend to either head to the GYM (look end of January and I'm still doing it!! woo hoo!) of I'm headed to SCHOOL. My office is also sending me to Lansing for training for 5 weeks. I'll be driving out there and having to drive home 3 nights a week for school. We'll see how that goes. I'm a bit frustrated about having to go all the way out there and I'm sure I'll be exhausted 5 weeks from now.

In other news this is the last week I'll ever spend in my 20's! boo! On Thursday I'll be hitting a new decade. We're having an 80's themed party on Saturday in celebration. I have the PERFECT prom dress to wear! I'm so excited.

We recently went ice skating with my family. We had a blast, and were exhausted after.

Because I'll be headed off to Lansing for those weeks we're waiting to go back to the TTC'ing until after.

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Pril said...

Your wearing a prom dress. lol Well well missy i can't wait to see it.
Just so you know my first year of my 30's were GREAT! 20's suck just wait and see! :)