Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010~ here's looking at you!

2009 was a difficult year for the Miller's. Being down an entire income and struggling with infertility, while comepletely obsessing over money and school has put a damper on last year. But I'm over it! 2009 is gone, and we survived. Even better we survived it together. This is my schedule for 2010 so far:

1. Last Semester of my undergrad EVER! begins next Tuesday.
2. UGH! Turning 30 Feb 4th
3. Totally Like Awesome 30th Birthday Party (80's themed) will be Sat Feb 6th.
4. Feb/March back to the babymaking, (December was so nice to not have to count days or give myself shots! ok ok, I know it has to be done!)
5. Wedding in Dayton with Mom for Annie's son!
6. June: Frank & April WEDDING, GRADUATION!!!!, Liz & Will's WEDDING!
7. September: 3rd Wedding Anniversary! YAY!

Hopes & Wishes for 2010:

1. Steve getting back to work!
2. OR even better Steve finding a new bigger and better JOB!
3. Having all these drugs finally work, and getting a BFP!!!! (and all that comes with that)
4. Going to the gym and taking better care of my body (gym membership CHECK!)
5. Steve getting into his clinical program in the Fall!
6. Actually being able to put money in my savings account again

Thats really all I can think of, and what is in the forefront of my mind.

Its time to start this decade off with a BANG!


rsjablonski said...

WOOP WOOOP!!! 2010!!


Pril said...

Sounds very realistic!!! Miss you on GMail!