Monday, November 23, 2009

What to say...

I have delayed posting because of all the things that have happened over the last few weeks I just didn't think I could bring myself to actually write it all down. First and foremost the man that helped raise me the last 17 years of my life passed away, my stepdad John. There are no words at the grief me and my family have felt and are still dealing with everyday. I am thankful to all the kinds words and cards that were sent our way. There are several memories I could share about just how kind John was, but it still hurts too much. The same day he passed away I received a phone call from Lansing telling me that I got the job for the State of Michigan. What a roller coaster of a day! This is awesome news though, and I start my new job on December 14th, looking forward to actually having benefits. This means that we won't have to take such a big break from TTC after all!

I went to my RE on the 11th for a follicle check and low and behold (even though I messed up the Femara) I had a follicle on my right ovary that measured 25mm! femara is awesome! So I triggered and we did our "thing." I went in for bloodwork last thursday and tests confirm that I in fact did ovulate AGAIN (prog level 14.3)! Twice in a row! So today is 11dpo and we're just waiting to see if Aunt Flow comes or if this cycle worked. I'm a little pessemistic about this month because I messed up some of the drugs and all the stress from the funeral. Last month we did everything perfect and I was sure that cycle was it. So now I'm not wasting money on pee sticks and I'll just wait for my blood-draw on Friday, unless of course AF shows up. If it does come I will be having a nice glass of wine by my warm fireplace. It will be lovely. I'm trying not to be my hopes up and outwardly they're not (but inside they are~)

In school news I've completed all my papers and I'm just coasting through the next few weeks. I will officially be done with my program December 12th...and graduate in March after I finish the 3 electives I need.

In other family news. Steve's stepsister Aleisha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Thursday on 11-19-09. She is 6lbs 10oz and her name is Jocelyn Dawn...I went to see them at the hospital and she is beautiful.

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