Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is the end, the end my friend

So my doctor just called and we're changing the game plan. No more Clomid. They feel my body isn't responding to it well. This is what I don't understand:
1. I had mature follicles, so I triggered. Bloodwork shows low progesterone on CD22, which means NO ovulation. Supposed to start prometrium, but Aunt Flow reared her ugly head before I even got a chance. AUNT FLOW!!! You exclaim?!?! YES! I got AF withOUT medication. Wouldn't that suggest that I in fact DID ovulate? Not sure. Since I have no experience in the ovulation department I'm not really sure how this whole fiasco is working.
2. SO now they're taking me off Clomid and I'll begin my first round of Femara on Saturday after an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure I don't have any "fake follicles" which are "endo-cysts." Which she thought I had heard of, but in fact I have not. Since Dr. Blacker didn't feel my endo was severe, I'm not sure why now they're considering me a (quote, unquote) "special case"

So I asked what makes me a special case and all that. I wanted to know what the difference was between Femara and Clomid. This sucks. I wish I understood and I wish my body worked. This whole thing is so Gawrsh Darn frustrating. I need to pray to Isis or something to get this figured out! Just kidding. But still....

Steve is supposed to be heading down to the Miller's land in Tennessee on the 15th to hunt with his Dad. NOW, since this will put him leaving on the day AFTER I trigger, I might have to go too. This stuff cost too much money to waste a cycle because he was hunting. UGH!

In other news my semester began this week. Its going to be a bunch of writing. This weekend we are heading to the Renaissance Festival. I'm excited! I've never been. I hope its fun.


Jules said...

send me your email on facebook. I have to forward some stuff to you about all this!

rsjablonski said...

Huh, this is pretty confusing. But I love you and I am here for you. Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that you get to your goal. xoxoR