Monday, September 21, 2009

They say our love won't pay the rent...

Well back to the beginning. Although this cycle showed promise, the clomid/ovidrel combination wasn't quite enough to make those damn eggs drop! Although my levels keep improving (Progesterone 3.8, much better than last year's .8) they still aren't quite there to indicate that I've ovulated. So now we're back to the beginning again. I'll start the provera tomorrow, and we'll get the show on the road. I just hate the way the Clomid makes me feel and now I'll be up to 4 pills a day (200mg) so the night sweats will be abundant. I've read on other blogs that they don't typically give you more than 250mg a day of Clomid, so I'm assuming that if next month doesn't work, then November will be my last round of clomid before we try something new. I'm just worried we'll end up having to do daily injectibles which can cost an upwards of $2000 a month. If thats the case, then we'll be on a TTC break. With Steve out of work we can barely afford the 1 shot that costs $114. I'm hoping that we won't have to go that route since I had some good progress this month. We'll see what Dr. B says. I just have to say how much I love her staff. They are the most wonderful ladies I've had the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis. It is totally worth the 45 drive across town at 7:30am in rush hour traffic.

In other news we had a fantastic time at Aj & Adam's wedding in South Haven, MI. It was so much fun and such a wonderful day. The food was incredible. AJ looked amazing. I loved her dress and she was glowing. The ceremony was perfect and romantic. We loved every minute of getting to share their special day with them. We can't wait to see all the pictures that everyone took. I've already seen a few from their photographer and they are gorgeous! I would recommend checking out their site Here's just a couple we were able to see:

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