Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cinderelly Cinderelly.........

So I've felt incredibly overwhelmed with work and school lately (hence a 2 week break from a blog) but I need to update the goings on in the Miller Household.

We started the Femara on Oct3, and right away I noticed that I had less side effects (THANK YOU GOD!) Barely any hot flashes, and no sweating through my pj's at night (well maybe once). My edginess was better although I could still tell I was being a bit of a crab. Maybe the crabbiness stems from being so exhausted too. Working fulltime and school fulltime can really kick your butt. Especially with the workload they've unleashed on us this semester. I have to write 2 IPP papers, 1 IPP Portfolio paper, put together my portfolio, 2 group projects, a MPP project, not to mention read the chapters (ha! yeah right) and complete the normally due homework. Oops shoot, thats totally due today! ugh!

Anyhow I went back to the RE on Monday (the 12th) for a scan and bloodwork, as typical. This time I didn't have any big ones on the right (which has been where they've been coming from). BUT on my left ovary was a follicle that was 19mm (on CD12 no less!) which is the biggest one I've had on scan yet! So they took bloodwork and called me that afternoon to tell me to trigger the next day (an entire day ahead of normal schedule! woo hoo) So maybe this new drug is actually doing its job. So as of today we're triggered and again following doctors orders.

We're heading down to Steve's parents new land in Tennessee this weekend. I'm pretty excited it looked gorgeous from the pictures. I wasn't going to go since this was mainly a hunting trip, but since we've triggered I have to go (honestly I could really use the 4 day break! lol)I'm pretty excited! Paris, Tennessee here we come! I'm hoping to stop at Mammoth Cave on the way back too since we didn't see much of it the first time.

In other Miller news, our pudgy little Beast had an accident yesterday which made his toenail come completely off! Poor little guy. Steve rushed him to the vet (thank you my wonderful friend Katie!) and all is well. Although he looks a little sad with his bootie. SEE:

back to the grind!

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