Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paris, Papers, and Progesterone

Well I would like to start off the post on a happy note. Steve and I had a wonderful time at the Miller Ranch in Paris TN. It was one heck of a drive, but such a beautiful place. We spent the days lounging and helping out his parents get things together. (Lounging for Steve was sitting in a tree stand!) We had a little scare when his brother, Josh, got lost in the woods, but all turned out well and Steve got a little more exercise than planned. We had mentioned how we "triggered" on Tuesday so we got our own trailer for those 4 days so we could have some alone time. I posted the pictures I took on my phone on FB, but here's a couple:

Steve drove me around on that bush hog tractor, it was a blast! Plus I did some target practice as you can see above. I'm a good shot! I hit the middle of the target with my first shot! Now Steve wants me to go hunting with him! lol

In other good news I went in for a blood draw yesterday (Wednesday) on CD 21 and my progesterone level was a 19! Which is way above the miserable 3.9 is was last month. She said that I definitely ovulated! MY FIRST TIME EVER!!! Score 1 for my body responding! I have an appointment for a follow up next Wednesday and to discuss further action if this happens to be another failed cycle. Although I'm hoping that it will just be good news all around, I'm not trying to have false hope that we've finally succeeded after 2 years. I'm really just grateful that I am in my first 2 week wait ever, and that my body responded to something! I do have slight cramping today but I'm not really sure if it means anything good or bad.

In school news I going out of my f$*%&#% mind! This semester is the most demanding yet. We have 2 IPP papers (as usual), an MPP project, Glo-Bus software project, Portfolio IPP paper, Case Study (14 pages), on top of regular homework and exams. I have a Case Study that was assigned Tuesday and due next Tuesday. UGH! On top of trying to write drafts for my IPPs and study for an exam now I have to write another case study because I got a B+ instead of an A. Someone please remind me that this will be worth it when its over because the stress level I'm at is in the RED!

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