Thursday, September 10, 2009

No more white shoes til spring

Labor Day weekend was fun. Steve and I didn't make it past the first couple rounds of the LD games, but we still had a great time trying. I love sitting on the beach by a good fire. Its one of my favorite things. We got to relax and play with my neices and nephew for a few days. BOY are they exhausting! The girls are pretty self sufficient at ages 8 and 5, but you need to keep an eye on Tommy (he's only 2). He's really the sweetest boy. He's not fussy, easy to put to bed, and always giggling. The kids games were on Sunday and we watched all three play their games. Allie's game was a "daddy daughter" game, so Uncle Steve stepped up since Kevin wasn't there yet. Allie had to throw water balloons at Steve's head into a collander with a tack in it. They both were completely soaked afterwards and covered in sand. The potluck was amazing as always. Although Aunt Marge's chicken paprikash was sorely missed. (ITS THE BEST!!) Steve and I did the egg toss after dinner and got second place (I choked...its hard to throw an egg more than 50 feet softly) I ended up with egg all over me. Kristen came out with her friend Bill who was a great with the kids. They climbed on him all afternoon giving Steve a break. Kevin & Rachael made it out around lunchtime and brought us all presents from Mexico. My bowl is awesome!

I wish I had pictures, but I left the camera at home and Mom's was dead.

I go back to the RE tomorrow for my first scan of this cycle. I don't feel any different than the last time, but we'll see if I have any mature eggs this time. (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed)

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