Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bases Loaded

Well CD1 was yesterday, which started with me at the doctors getting my blood drawn so they can get a hormonal base line. All my levels came back normal. Which is great! Although honestly they've always been normal when they do the draw. NOW, I start the 150mg of clomid on Wednesday night, and wait to see if my body will respond. I go in for bloodwork/ultrasound scan on Friday September 11th. Which is only CD12, but they think that with the higher doses of clomid that your body responds earlier. Who knows! This will be the most clomid I've taken. Hopefully it's the boost those little eggs need to grow to 20mm, so I can give myself the trigger shot.

I know God has it in His hands, but I'm hoping that this is the Magic Cycle. I really want to give Steve the best anniversary gift ever. Plus I've always wanted a June baby (Steve and I both have birthdays in the winter, so we wanted our child to be able to have his/her party outside) Although we'll definately take anytime of year, it would just be the cherry on top on the ice cream Sunday if I could give Steve that BFP on our anniversary!

I've never really gone on about how much I want this to happen, and it doesn't upset me too much when each month doesn't work out. I've kept a pretty low profile about the whole thing. I am completely EXHAUSTED about people asking us when it's "our turn", so this is my chance to be honest. I don't want to turn this into an infertility blog, especially since we have so many other wonderful things going on in our lives. So keep us in your prayers because the longer these treatments go on the more costly it becomes emotionally/and to our bank accounts!

Our weekend in Kalamazoo was awesome. Aj's friends are so much fun. We checked in to the hotel and promptly went swimming and lazing around in the hottub and sauna. Then we leisurely got ready for dinner and our night on the town. We had a fantastic time walking around downtown Kzoo in our little black dresses. We saw dualing pianos and Jen's husband's awesome funk band Funktion It was an awesome night. Steve went paintballing with the boys for 7 hours. Then to the casino in Battlecreek. I can't wait for their wedding in South Haven. Its going to be so much fun!

Me & Jen at AJ's party.

Bathroom baskets I made for Aj's Wedding

Lastly, I got A minuses in both classes! Two more semesters until I'm finished. My transcript officially says I'm a SENIOR now! Woo Hoo! Labor Day weekend should be fun too. Bocce & Washers. I'm excited to play. Then Cedar Point on Tuesday.

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