Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Well I went in for my rescan on the 14th, and my levels had dropped by about half, and when they scanned the sizes of my follicles the largest one was only 10mm. This meant that my body wasn't responding to the medication. Back to the provera, and waiting on AF. This time I have to go in and get blood work done on CD1 so they have a "base-line." I really want this cycle to work. I mean even if I don't end up pregnant, I would like to have a successful ovulation. Then we know that my body will respond to the clomid/ovidrel. Please pray the increased dosage (150mg) of Clomid actually does its job. I hate the side effects! They make me crazy.

This semester is almost finished and I'm thanking God for the break. I am so burned out from school! The break will be just what I need before I go into my second to last semester!! This weekend we are headed to Kalamazoo for Aj & Adam's bachelorette/bachelor party. I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a blast. I'll remember to take plenty of pictures. I need to get to the store to buy her gift and find out where April found that necklace & foam things. I also need to finish up those bathroom baskets so I can give them to her on Saturday. I hope they turn out ok, since I've never made them before. I'll take pictures and post them on here so you can tell me what you think.

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