Monday, August 3, 2009

What I'll put myself through to get this right....

So the weekend was great. We had a few people over on Friday and said goodbye to Sister Sarah's boyfriend who had to go back home to Georgia. Steve and I hung out until the wee hours of the next morning, talking, dancing to Aerosmith and laughing. It was great.

Saturday we were at the Dearborn Inn for Matt & Ani's wedding, which was beautiful and wonderful. We left pretty early, but I loved watching the Armanian dances that Ani & her family did.

Sunday we spent the day in Monroe, on the Raisin River and then headed over to Pointe Moulee. We had a picnic. We took the Beast, and he was EXHAUSTED by the time we go home. Poor puppy!

Wish I had pictures to show, but we are still sans camera. The mill call backs are actually hitting people we know, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can fish ourselves out of the poor house.

I started the Clomid on Friday night, and along with it came the NIGHT SWEATS! I can handle the side effects, its part of our life. 100mg isn't much. Its the way I feel the next day. The edginess. The naseausness. THE HOT FLASHES. I'm not even sure what to expect if we get lucky enough to have mature follicles next Tuesday and I'm supposed to give MYSELF the trigger shot. Thankfully our neighbor Carrie (who is an RN and WONDERFUL!) offered to give it to me since I'm a bit leery of doing this to myself.

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