Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Blog about actively trying for a family

So I haven't ever really been direct about our fertility or lack there of. Since Early-Mid 2008 Steve and I have been through about 10,000 tests to figure the whole thing out. We always knew I'd be the issue (since my entire post puberty history has been a mess of irregularity). But to be safe they had to test Steve too. Well he of course was A-OK in that department, so the focus shifted back to me. I was sent for Ultrasounds, HSGs, and finally a diagnosis of a septum uterus solved one problem. Which was actually a problem I didn't know existed until they found it.

So July 1st of this year I had surgery to correct the anomoly. While painful we knew it was one step closer to the "prize" so to speak. It was managable pain and now I feel great. So the next cycle we were clear to start treatment. I wanted to start writing this downso that when (God willing) we do have a little one, we can look back and see how worth it all this was. Also so hopefully others can learn and hopefully not feel so discouraged if they are going through something similar.

So the following is the chronlogical account of what we've done so far in the hopes of having a baby:

November 2007- No more Birth Control
March 2008- Appointment w/ a More Proactive ObGyn
June 2008- Ultrasound (Uterine Anomoly detected)
July 2008- HSG to confirm Uterine Anomoly and diagnosed w/ a Uterine Septum
September 2008- First round of Clomid (50mg,results on CD21 1.2, No ovulation)
October 2008- Second round of Clomid (100mg, results on CD21 .8, No ovulation)
June- Pre-op appointment for surgery to Resect Uteran Anomoly
July 1,2009- Surgery (everything went great, septum small-medium size, only Stage 1 Endo under right ovary)
July 1-July 22nd- Estrogen Therapy
July 15th-July 28th- Progesterone
July 29th- CD1
August 11th- CD14 Ultrasound/Bloodwork (Results: Estrogen 61, Lh 7.8
Right Ovary- 13mm,12mm, 10mm, and two 11mm follicles
Left Ovary- 11mm,10mm, two 9mm follicles

Rescan set for Friday August 14th, and hopefully time for Trigger Shot!

Keep us in your prayers!

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rsjablonski said...

I know things seem never ending and hard. If you find yourself down please check out this blog:


This woman and her husband were in a near fatal plane crash a year ago. She was in a coma for quite some time and is making her way back. It lets me know things are not as hard as I think.

We are all lucky in our own way. You have hope and a chance. I am so excited for you and Steve. Please know that whatever happens, we are behind you and pulling for you.