Monday, July 27, 2009

Twas brilig and the slithy toves

So I know I have to wait for March, but I am so excited for Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland. Steve and I were talking about it last night and he's never heard of the White Queen or the Jabberwocky!! I couldn't believe it! Plus the fact that it's going to be in 3-D!! I SO want to see it at the IMAX, or maybe at the new Emagine by our house. I'm not sure how close to the actual story Burton is going, or if he'll be closer to Disney's cartoon, but I have a feeling it'll be some of both. The White Queen was in Through the Looking Glass, so maybe Burton will be making 2 movies?? I couldn't see him NOT wanting to do the scary parts w/ the Jabberwock.

In other news my school friend Beth has had to drop, because of her husband being ill. I'm so bummed. She was my favorite cohort. Plus they're getting ready to move to Florida, so she'll be really far away. :(

We've been to 2 weddings of the 4 we are attending this summer. (3 are Saturdays in a row) They've both been lovely, some parts better than others. You can really see the personalities of the couples through the songs they choose. Some of the speeches were hilarious, some heartfelt. Next weekend is ANOTHER wedding. I believe Steve and I are becoming wedding professionals! haha! Although a bummer is we have no pictures, because we had to return our camera (it sucked, I mean REALLY sucked a big one). We're saving for a Canon Digitial Elph, but they are pretty expensive.

Steve had a meeting at the union hall last week and so far so good. They've called back 160 people so far. We're hoping things go swiftly and we're estimating he'll be back to work by October. I'm really trying not to count on this, but it's pretty difficult not to when our funds are severely depleted, and we're badly in need of purchasing a new vehicle (I refuse to let this Grand Prix nickle & dime us to death). The only reason we haven't looked for a new vehicle is because Steve is laid off so he really doesn't drive anywhere. Plus we want to purchase a truck, since we have the house now and it'd be VERY nice to have one. I can't tell you how many times we've needed to borrow my father in law's or our friend's trucks to move and or pick up things!

I am feeling completely well from the surgery, and I've finished my hormone regiment. Next step is clomid/trigger shot. (another reason I hope Steve goes back to work soon!) Wish us luck!



Pril said...

good luck!!!

fyi if you want my figi camera until you get your good one.. feel free but even when it does break i want it back i want to take it appart ?? lol
some times it goofs up but at least you'll have something

rsjablonski said...

I didn't know he was making that! How fun. Let's make it another double date night!