Friday, May 22, 2009

Yo Adrian

Well I made it home safe and sound from Philadelphia. I've got to say the flight wasn't too terrible. Except for the person who obviously ate a truck load of beans and proceeded to stink the plane up for the first half of the treck. GROSS! Either way we made it there at almost the exact time the ticket said we would. The trip to get our luggage was quick, and almost as quick to get the rental car. Then I proceeded to beg my boss to head to the historic district so we could do a crash course of history (i.e. Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and whatever came in between) However, first on my list was CHEESESTEAK!!!! Since I've had them at home I had an idea of how wonderful they are, but when you get one in Philly, it's a bit different, and A LOT more tasty...Here's a picture of the momentus occasion:

This weekend is going to be some good fun. Steve has taken off to Cadillac for the weekend with some buddys for a bachelor party weekend. There are staying at a cabin and going to do some fishing, and card playing, and whatnot. I was all for him going on this trip (mainly because it involves fishing and nature, and not VEGAS and DEBAUCHERY)and I'm glad he gets to go. It wasn't an expensive trip, so it was doable. When he gets back he is going to get his school stuff taken care of, and I'll get getting ready for the end of the semester and our trip to Florida.

3 weeks (AHHHH, 3 WEEKS!!!) to go until we are on white sandy beaches!! I can't wait! Plus we get to see the Tadlock's and Collier's (and all the babies in between that we haven't met yet!) who live only minutes from said beaches. Steve and I are driving straight through down there, and will be spending some quality time with each of our friends, then taking our time coming home. We haven't made any set plans which is a HUGE CHANGE for me, since I'm anal and like to plan everything ahead of time. The only things we have figured out (but not set in stone) are:

1. TNT Firework Seminar June 13th
2. Mammoth Cave
3. Nashville
4. Dollywood
5. Unclaimed Baggage Warehouse

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