Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mor"el" Dillema

Ok so about a couple months ago Steve was reading online about going mushroom hunting. Morel mushrooms. He went when he lived in Germany and says they are the BEST mushrooms EVER! So excited was he that they grew in Michigan, that he considered buying a book and joining a club. I suggested that he find a message board and learn through others in our area. Worked for him, so he just starting reading and when it came time to go hunting we went with our knife and bags handy to bring home LOADS of these yummy fungi. Well we've gone a few times now only to come home with a load of nothing, well maybe a mosquito bite or two, and good scare from a run of the mill garden snake. In my opinion these elusive little guys look creepy. So creepy I have a hard time thinking I'd willingly put them in my mouth. BUT I will give in to any new hobby suggested as I am all for things out of the ordinary. Below is a picture of one you decide:

Another thing is that it seems that this Morel Hunting Club is harder to get into that Fort Knox. You can ask all around but no one will let it on where to find them. Steve says its because they are so hard to find people don't want to give up their spots. I agree, but a little arrow pointing would help. I mean I don't want a map with an X on it, just a little direction to a "good" area.

In other news, Hannah & Allison had their first dance recital on Wednesday night. SOO cute and I would have pictures but my camera hath died and I'm unaware of anymore AA batteries we have in the house since Steve likes to move things after I put them in a good "spot." My sister and her husband had to cancel their trip to Mexico because of stupid swine flu, so they'll be going at a later date. School is getting CRAZY hard. Financial ratios are going to kill me I'm sure of it. I'm headed to Philadelphia in a week for work and am looking forward to having my first REAL Philly CheeseSteak. I will DEFINATELY be taking pictures of that conquest!

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Pril said...

omg sarah these are the best mushrooms EVER!
they are hard to find but they grow everywhere i found one in monroe once in someone ones yard prior to knowing you!
and if you even somewhat like mushrooms these rooms will blow your mind. it's like an O for your mouth!
i'm droolling now! geesh!
remind me to send you info on mushroom hunting here in michigan it's an outing and frank and i were thinking of doing it! for a weekend!