Monday, June 1, 2009

10 is the lucky Number!

10 days!
diez días!

Less than 2 weeks until I am only 2 semesters aways from my Bachelor's Degree (Took long enough)! Less than 2 weeks until I am on white sandy beaches in Florida! I cannot wait! Less than 2 weeks until Steve and I are on the road hitting anything and everything on the way down! Cooler (CHECK) Tent (CHECK) Music (WORKIN ON IT) Suggestions*?? Can you tell I'm excited to get out of dodge!

Tomorrow I have my pre-op appointment with my Reproductive Endocrinologist. She came highly recommended, and so far she's been great. Surgery, however, makes me quiver. I feel 4 years old about it. You know that "I want my mommy" stage. My mother has not prepared me for situations like this. HELL I've never even had a cavity (ok, ok thanks mom!)I'm just nervous about getting knocked out, and the fact that everyone and the RN in training next to him with see my hoo-ha. I'm nervous that the first surgery won't work. I'm scared that after the surgery we still will have issues. I'm scared the bleeding won't stop! Either way, if we really want the end result of all this mess (a happy, smelly, screaming, adorable little bundle) then it must be done. Wish me luck! Nothing to be scared of with a PRE-OP right? (*nevous laugh*)

As promised a picture of Steve and I with the girls from the dance recital. Which was blissfully only 52 minutes long. Any longer and I think we'd of lost Steve for good!

*We don't own a (**GASP**) ipod


Pril said...

no ipod -- bummer man.. ft might have a smaller one that you can use not sure if i can pry my little fingures off mine! LOL

Sarah everything will be fine! but stay scared it keeps you on your toes :)
but really if you need anything. don't you wait to ask!

rsjablonski said...

RE: Pre-Op Keep your eyes on the prize so to speak. Re: Vacation, Well deserved. Have a Blast. I love you bunches!


Jules said...

Electric Six is always fun for road trips, Arcade Fire, the Eels. I also love all the old stuff and listen to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains on almost all road trips.

Good luck with the surgery. I'm supposed to have a lap surgery done next month to remove cysts and I'm not thrilled either. I just had one for my face and now I'm getting knocked out again! The reward pretty much out weighs all the fear you are feeling now. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

We're booking our tickets for home and will be back in Michigan July 3rd-13th. John has the bachelor party on the 4th and we have Sean's wedding on the 11th. So if there is a day that works for getting together let me know!