Friday, April 24, 2009

Zipadee Do Da!

Much like Uncle Reemus said "My oh my what a wonderful day!" I'm loving this weather! I'm loving April in the D! (although the song is driving me a bit buggy!) The Red Wings swept Columbus and are on to Round 2 of the playoffs, and the Tigers haven't been doing terrible! Opening Day was such a blast. My best girl friends and I walked around all the tailgating parties and had a wonderful time before Steve and I headed over to the game. Can I just say how much I LOVE tailgating food? Ok, well I just did. I love grilled hotdogs and sausages with grilled peppers and onions. I love snacking on granola bars at 9am (ok and maybe a beer, but only on Opening Day!)

My sister Rachael and her husband are leaving for Mexico in 5 days, and she is all a buzz in preparation! I'm so excited for her. She and Kevin haven't been anywhere in a super long time, and she's never been out of the country (except for Canada, and if you're from Detroit you know that doesn't really count). They got married almost 10 years ago, and have had 3 wonderful children, so live hasn't been all glitz and travel. She is the uber-mom. When and God willing I become a mom, I hope to be like her. Hannah's (her eldest) First Communion is Saturday afternoon. I can't believe she's old enough to be at this point. She's almost 8 and it seems like I was just holding brand new Hannah yesterday.

Candie and Ryan's twin girls arrived last week. Poor Candie was in labor for 2 days and ended with a c-section. The girls were fine and a healthy whopping 5.7 and 5lbs a piece! Leala was born first, followed by her sister Laila 2 minutes later. I can't wait until we go down for our visit. 7 weeks and counting!

School is going well. Steve is still waiting on the results of his NET, BUT he does have an interview on Monday! So we're hoping and praying this could lead to a new J.O.B.! It's for a crane operator, ten minutes from home, and offers benefits! I'm just hoping the schedule is flexible enough for him to keep attending school. We've already discussed that if he's accepted into the Nursing program, he'll have to for-go work. It's just more worth it in the long run for him to become an RN. It would help with "stability" for certain.

Anywho! I'm TGIF'ing like crazy today. I'll leave you with a picture of my sister's kids from last spring at the zoo (SPRING IS HERE TO STAY!!)....

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