Monday, April 6, 2009

Patience is the art of concealing your impatience.

I'm not sure where my crabbiness has come from lately, but I seem to be existing on a very short fuse. This is confusing to me as I've been excercising MORE and MORE, and things are on the up. I've been snapping and have snapped a few times in the last few weeks, and when I reassess the situation there's not a chance I would've reacted like that in the past. I've been watching my diet, so maybe it's because I'm hungry??? I don't feel hungry, and what I've been eating is yummy. Hmmm, any thoughts? It's not that time of the month! Ha, that would be funny since that only happens maybe twice a year! It's not money, we've been saving well and we're ahead on our bills. It's not school, my semester doesn't start until tomorrow. Impending school maybe? I just can't put the nail on the head. I'm not too sure what else there could be.

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Pril said...

Well it could be the combo effect! look at all the changes your doing! all at once! working out eating healthy not smoking on top of work and school and both are very demanding!!!
girl you have a stressful life! just with work and school alone!

I mean really sadie... look at all the roles you have in your 1 life!
a student, a worker, a wife, a dog owner, a worker outer (lol <-- like that one i know you did) a non everyday smoker,
also some other ones maybe not on the top of the list... driver, sister, aunt, friend, what else should i even go on!

how about not one thing is doing this but a combo of all the above and each peaking at different times only to confuse you! :)
anyway that's my thoughts!
Love you feel better you nice brat! lol!