Monday, March 30, 2009

Desperate House-Husbands...

Mostly all of you know that Steve has been laid off since November from his mill shutting down. I'm so proud that he is taking his Nurse's Entrance Exam (NET) next week. I'm sure he'll do great. He should be going into the program with a 4.0 and the registrar said he should have no problem getting accepted into the Spring Program next year (He has to take 4 more pre-req's this summer and fall) I know he'll have to study hard, and it's just amazing how resilliant he is. While he's been off he's been taking classes, and slowly but surely getting addicted to internet shopping. Ebay and Craigslist are his fav's. He really has found some pretty amazing deals.

One for example are the couch and loveseat set that was listed and only 6 blocks away for $150:

We got them yesterday and they work perfectly in our living room. Only 2 years old from Art Van and rarely used. I also got a pretty sweet collection of vinyls and an LP player for cheap. All for my office! I can't wait to get started on it.

When we went to Mexico, on the way home our luggage was lost (and NOT recovered). One of Steve's favorite things purchased was this abalone fish. So he searched online and found some pretty similar on Ebay. So he bid and over the course of a day won THREE of them. Which are now displayed in our half bath, that is 90% finished!

It's a good thing he's frugal and picky, or he'd be online shopping us out of house and home! I can't complain too much!

He and the neighbors have become friends and I call them the "Desperate House-Husbands" It seems on our block and close vicinity there are 5 or 6 men that are all laid off and hang out while the wives are at work! They go around helping each other with small projects around their homes. It's actually pretty nice. We now have a new workbench in the basement. I wonder what they'll think of next to keep busy! lol...

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Pril said...

Wow dig the new sofa! now where did the air hockey table go?