Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make it Blue!

So I don't know how many of you read this or how many of you know this but when Steve and I bought the house last August we were in LOVE with the way it was decorated. It was very classic and traditional with crazy unique moldings and very clean lines. Well in the last 6 months of living there I have become increasingly Bored with it. It was fine for a woman in her late sixties, but all the neutral tones and blahze yellows were starting to drive me buggy. I mean every wall, EVERY WALL in the house is some form of yellow! I am a fan of yellow, but I'm also a fan of other colors too! The whole house has the same decorating throughout (which is great) but I finally was at the end of my yellow rope and decided "YELLOW BE DAMNED" I'm painting the powder room BLUE! That's right BLUE! A pretty color I found in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine called Glacier, although we had a gift card for Home Depot (Thanks DAD & Bert)so we bought the Behr brand equivalent called "River's Edge." My friend Traci called it "Tiffany Blue" and I have to admit it's pretty close, although that's not what I was going for.

Either way here is a picture of what the bathroom looked like before:

And this is what is looks like half done:

All the trim will be white and the mirror will be repainted all white. We're doing a clean beach theme. I'm hoping to pick up some cute stuff while we're in Florida, but I think we found a couple cute things the other day at Home Goods. I also have a picture I took and want to frame from Point Pelee (where we got engaged) that April has doctored up for me:

I am also in process of decorating my office. It's going to have a Music/Rock theme. I'm taking several of my vinyls and making a collage on the wall of them with L brackets (so I can still easily take them down and listen to them) We brought over my desk. Now I need a nice office chair and filing cabinet.


Pril said...

I still think you should make a new photo instead of the one i doctored up
or take 2 one of the beach sence and one just of the more indepth writing!
i never found that tutorial on how to write in sand and have it look real!

Jules said...

I love the color. My old house in Michigan was a similar shade of blue, more pale and we had a beach theme too. I still have a little wood bench that's a candle holder somewhere around here. We never opened it because we moved right after I bought it. I'll have to send it to you!