Monday, March 16, 2009

Glutton for Punishment

So this is the last week of winter semester. Finals are at hand. I am so looking forward to the break and of course have my time planned wisely. Monday- Watch shows I've DVR'd and haven't had a chance to watch in the last 10 weeks. Tuesday - repeat. Of course I'll still be working, but the ability to go home and not detour to Allen Park is not something I have treasured so much as the end of this semester. It could have to do with the fact that I suckered myself into 16 credit hours, and of course am doing the same AGAIN in the Spring semester. I am almost to the point where the light at the end of the Bachelor's Degree tunnel is in sight. At this point I'm actually considering continuing for my MASTER's. I can't believe it myself. But with the economy, and Steve's uncertain future (medical programs are such a bitch to get into!) it would be good to keep going to secure a better position. Dual income is nice, but with Steve trying to get into nursing school, I'll need the degree to have a better position at my current job so I'll be able to afford us while he is diligently finishing.

I am also counting down the weeks to our summer ROAD TRIP. It's going to be great to see the Tadlock's and Collier's and their new additions. Cale & Jackie had their baby girl yesterday morning (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON), and Candie's due with her twin girls at the end of April. Steve and I have secured a rental car and we'll be driving down for our visit. Hitting the gorgeous beaches and boardwalks. We've decided to leave a day or 2 early and take our time coming home by stopping at Mammouth Cave, Nashville and whatever else grabs our fancy.

Loving the new stimulus, we are also able to accept the Cobra that was offered when Steve was laid off. Now that we have to only pay 35% of it, I'll be able to go back to my RE and schedule the surgery! I'll update when that will be since I'm not sure yet.

Also thanking my darling husband because he is the best and bought me the Kindle 2!! I am thoroughly in love with it already.It's an amazing little thing. So by way of book reading I've gone green!

I'll end with a Beast photo! (it's a bit dated, but I've been lazy about uploading, and he's still just as cute)

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Pril said...

What you got that thing! AWWWW you should do something sweet for that nice man of yours!! :)
(he paid me to say that) lol