Monday, February 9, 2009

Detroit Hard at Work...

So because I work downtown and they have shut down our interstate until sadly the end of the year (And has been this way for months) it has added about 10-15 of driving time each way to get to and from the office. I am late, almost everyday, because traffic is completely unpredictable. So because I'm now known as "never on time girl" I am starting to leave my house more than 20 min earlier than before. Today I arived 22 min early. It was kind of nice to get here before everyone. Although I'd have to say that traffic is heavier, than 20-30 minutes later.

Anywho, it also adds some things to look at on my way. My route has me traveling directly through Mexican & Cork Town, which is always good for a bit entertainment on my way in and out of the city. This morning as I'm traveling up Michigan Ave, just as I'm passing The Zietgeist & Izzy's Raw I saw the BEST. DRESSED. HOOKER. EVER! Now I wish I was fast enough to snap a photo, but alas, my fingers fumbled in their sleepy state and the moment passed me by, so I scoured the internet for a picture that was close to share, but they were all to racy and not at all appropriate. We'll just say that she/he was abou 6 foot 4. Short-short mini white pleather skirt, with purple fishnets, hot pink vinyl top, bright pink platforms, with a jean jacket, and a TALL TALL orange weave. At least you know she's out workin' hard at seven thirty in the morning.

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