Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Word of the Day:


(transitive verb)

1. to punish severely: "The employee handbook does not allow a manager to castigate an employee for infractions that are accidental or well-intended."

2. to criticize severely; to chastise

noun forms: castigation, castigator

I thought this was a good word to use today. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with school, work, house stuff, family obligations that I haven't had anytime to just breathe and relax. Sometimes I feel like I'm being castigated? (can it be used in that tense?) Either way I've decided I'm just going to have to prioritize my time better and say "no" to some people. Steve on the other hand has been very aware of our lack of time together and has mentioned it more than once. 3 days a week we don't see each other before 10 at night, and the other 2 weekdays are spent either doing homework, or catching up on housework and reading/studying. The weekends are spent with either family obligations or more housework. We have relaxed at least for half of one of those days for the last couple weeks. Maybe I'm due for a vacation that won't come and I know it, or maybe I'm feeling under pressure with taking 16 credit hours and working fulltime. Probably both.

Either way Super Birthday Bowl is this Sunday. We'll be celebrating my 29th Birthday. UGH! That's old. I'm looking forward to three things:

1. Wearing my AWESOME new jeans that Steve bought for me as a present

2. Brittany's Cheesy Potatoes, they are like heaven in your mouth

3. Relaxing with our friends.

After my birthday I fully intend to make myself get motivated to excercise. For those of you that know me, know that I LOATHE any form of structured excercise, but in the winter there isn't any other form for me to do. I can't find Wii Fit anywhere and it's too snowy to ride my bike or walk. Either way I'm going to make myself do something. Even if I only have time for it on Wednesdays! Once a week is better than nothing! Hopefully after a while I'll have time to up it to Mondays too!

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