Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever

My Ode to Kindle2:

Oh Kindle 2! Please won't you please come home with me!

I just learned about you a week ago, and stare at your pictures online daily

You are a bit pricy- but I'm willing to save

You sleek form and uploading memory is what I crave.

I don't mind if you're all shades of grey

Having you in my purse would just make my day!

You are as thin as a magazine, Kate Moss would be jealous,

2 weeks worth of reading without recharging, although that's a bit zealous!

Oh, Kindle 2! This is my ode to you!

LOL! I'm such a geek, and that was a bit lame. Seriously though! Look at it from my perspective:


1. I READ & READ & READ, this would be my version of going GREEN
2. This would also save gas from traveling to bookstores or Target for random books (Again GREEN)
3. This would save shipping costs and packaging from online ordering (GREEN GREEN!)
4. I could also do homework research on this nifty little thing!
5. If you are looking at it from a guys perspective:
This would be my version of the PS3 or Wii or whatever!


1. It cost as much as a PS3 ($359)
2. I have no experience with uploading to a device (you're talking about a woman with an MP3 player that only has 6 songs on it, when it holds 500)
3. This might damage bricks & mortar outlets, and I care about local economy.


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Pril said...

nice poem there!!! LMFAO!!!