Friday, January 16, 2009

Chickens with Missing Heads

Yes that old saying and more. I've been so busy with the beginning of my semester, and enrollments at work I haven't a moment to spare. There have also been birthdays, birthday parties, concerts, and one Variety Show (that I had to miss because of stupid school.

Either way the NYE Party turned out great, and we had a good amount of people help us drink up that keg. The Masquerade idea was lots of fun, and almost everyone that came participated (there were a few party poopers!).

4 days later was Steve's 28th Birthday. We didn't do a whole lot (still recovering from the New Year) but I did pull a "greasted wife ever" move and got him the Playstaion 3. He's been wanting one for quite sometime and I've been saving my pennies!

In other news my niece Hannah did a great job at her school's Variety Show (so bummed I missed it) and the video is posted on Facebook. Check it out! Future Little Miss Rockstar!

Trying to make this quick because I'm on my way to another event. But quickly, blah, school, blah, frigid temperatures, blah need new tires! ok that's about it!

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