Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's a delicate balancing game...

Well I'm in my second week of this semester and all seems to be going well. It's alot more homework than I'm used to especially because the courses I'm taking are considered "hybrid" courses. Where it's like taking an on-site class and on-line class, but it's the same class. So I have to be onsite 10 wks and still do the online requirements to receive all 6 credits. It's a bit to keep up with and not confuse with other items, but I'm confident.

The house has been coming together at a slow pace, with work, school and puppy, it's hard to do any "decorating" especially with no time or money. I want to get curtains for the front room, family room, office and our bedroom. I was thinking about it the other day. I also want to get a new coffee table for the family room, and a kitchen table. Steve has a "guy" who is on the look out for his man den furniture. I also need to get picture frames for Steve's man posters and the big one he has from Germany. Then I need to put it all together in a nice way. UGH! I need help. I don't know how to make it look good and tasteful. Right now it still looks like a cluttery mess. I need to hang things and move things around. It's frustrating.

I also got a call from the doctor last night while on break at school. She said she reviewed my HSG films and I definately have a septate uterus, so I will be needing the surgery. I go back in about 3 1/2 weeks to discuss (at the end of this cycle). I'm hoping to set it up in December after the semester is done so I don't have to worry about being in pain and doing all the homework. The end of the semester is when things get demanding, so I'd rather not be in recovery pain while I'm working on 2, 15 page papers. According to the doctor this is an outpatient surgery, Hysteroscopy and Laproscopy. We'll see. I'm a bit nervous since I've never been knocked out before. I'll have to ask my 7 year old niece Hannah, since she had her tonsils and adnoids removed this morning. Poor thing. I hope she's doing ok. I sent my love to her this morning.

I'll leave you with a picture of Steve and I from the Wings Game last Friday (our first of the year):

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Jules said...

Hey busy lady! You are nuts with all that! I'm sorry you have to have the surgery but I hope that it solves all the issues and you're making babies soon!