Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you train a dog to do your laundry?

I wish that somehow dogs had opposable thumbs and you could train them to do laundry.If this was the case, Beast would know this before "sit." This is how much I LOATH doing laundry. It's not so much the wash and dry part that I have the issue. It's the fold before they wrinkle and/or hang up and put away. I try to keep up on it so it doesn't get out of hand (oops, been busy with school. What? WAIT, I have no clean work socks! Blasphemy!)but it always comes back to haunt me. Also I wish that after I go do massive grocery shopping (ok, ok so I didn't need that extra bag of semi-sweet morsels)that the dog could somehow carry all the bags in for me. You might ask, Don't you have a husband for that? Since the manly thing to do is carry heavy loads. But we were out of basics and it just got crazy from there, and my poor husband is on AFTERNOONS AGAIN this week! I hate afternoons almost as much as I loath laundry. If I wasn't working fulltime and going to school fulltime it might not be such an issue, but the only time I get face time with my husband when he's on afternoons is when I'm giving him a kiss on the cheek goodbye in the morning, and that just plain sucks.

The Beast seems to be doing well after all his worm treatments and is getting quite rambunctious. He is doing what Julie called "rounding" and is desparately at arms all the time with the squiggly little fur thing stuck to his behind. In the past week he has tore up 4 of his toys to the point of having to be thrown away. But with all the craziness he brings, he's quite sweet when he wants to be cuddled or played with.

Last weekend I decided to spontaneously take Friday off because I wanted to spend the beatiful fall day with Steve. We got up at a decent time and decided to go for a drive. We ended up in Dundee at this small little country farm (the Houpt Farm) where we could pick our own pumpkins. This is something we've been wanting to do but Apple Charlie's doesn't allow it anymore, and the Pumpkin Patch isn't open. So this little detour was perfect.

Steve being the gentlmen and pulling our pumpkin finds to the car

Me chillin with my pumpkin in the wagon

The Houpt Farm

Afterwards we continued on to Irish Hills at had lunch on Wampler's Lake at Jerry's. Who barnone has the world's greatest pizza. It was the perfect day.

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Jules said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I love picking pumpkins! I can't wait to get ours!

If you teach Beast how to do laundry I'm sending my dogs to you to learn how as well. I'm trying to teach my golden to clean the kitchen floors. She is not doing so well at it yet.