Monday, October 27, 2008

I guess I haven't been eating enough apples..

Although I've been really maintaining a healthy (kind of) diet for the last couple of weeks. At least being frugal about options. Yogurt for breakfast, lean cuisine for lunch, and I cook dinner when I get home. I've even bought apples, asparagus, broccoli rabe, lettuce, carrots all in the attempt that I will cook and/or eat more fresh produce. But I guess the didn't work, because as I was diligently carrying a laundry basket from my basement and turned the corner to go through the kitchen to attempt the second flight of stairs my baby toe caught the corner of the wall and I broke it! Yep, that's right, Sarah the oaf broke her first bone. She made it almost 29 years without. Of course I did it in girly fashion I suppose and broke the pinky toe. But being that when ever something happens to me it's done right, I not only broke it in one place, but two places. SOOOOO, in addition to seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist twice a month, I had to make an extra trip to Urgent Care on Saturday and get my foot x-ray'd to see if I was correct or being melodramatic. Now I have to tape my toe to the one next to it, and wear this ugly boot on my foot for the next 5 weeks.

Speaking of doctor's I returned last week to see my RE again. They took my blood AGAIN. This time my estrogen at midcycle was at 78 *should be above 100 midcycle* so they don't think that this round will work either. I will not be increasing my dosage next month as they have been tentatively scheduled for my hysteroscopy & laproscopy December 17th. I'm pretty nervous about having surgery since I've never had to be put to sleep nor had anything major ever done. I guess "outpatient" surgery isn't major, but to me it is. I freaked out last November when I had a wisdom tooth pulled because I've never so much as had a cavity and had no idea what dental work felt like. Of course it wasn't that big of a deal, and the dentist said I was a perfect patient, but if they could've read my insides before the procedure, they might have had more clammy hands, like mine. Of course I blame my mother for taking such good care of my oral hygiene, and making sure I was super careful with my bones to be unacustommed to anything having to deal with casts, being put to sleep or root canals. So thanks Mom! lol! Oh, and happy 61st BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE YOU!

This Friday we are handing out candy to the kids (while Steve and a couple buddy's scare the pants off of them) I feel for the young ones, poor kiddies, Steve has no mercy and Halloween is his favorite time of year. I said at least use your discretion, no mother will be happy if they have to taken their child home to change from an accident. I mean Woodhaven's already got a lockdown on trick-or-treat times. 6pm-8pm. Which is silly. When we were kids it was from after mom gave you dinner until you couldn't walk anymore. Our neighbors said that the neighborhood does see a lot of children though, so Steve said and I quote my loving husband "Better get enough candy to pass out, so the the neighbors don't think we're assholes because we ran out." I appeased him and bought 6 HUGE bags of candy, and told him if we run out than the kids are too greedy. Afterwards we're going to the 1st Annual April & Frank Treece Halloween bash. I'm being a flapper, Steve's going to be Jason, and Sarah (my sis-in-law) is going to be a 50's pin-up girl. Pictures to follow probably on Monday.

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