Monday, September 29, 2008


So it has been one full year since Steve and I were married, and yesterday was just like the day we got married, full of sunshine and the colors of the leaves turning just right. We decided to go out on Saturday night and did a little bar hopping, which is so rare for us these days. We started at the Speedboat and had some dinner (totally disappointing, the menu is lacking with the new ownership) then we met up with some friends and Buffalo Wild Wings, from there we went to Mallie's which sucked (I hate those guys with tapout shirts, showing off chest hair, spiked hair doo, wearing sunglasses inside at night, GIVE ME A BREAK!)then we were going to the Wheat & Rye, but it was so crowded that we decided to just skip it and go to Slip's, which was a good time and we had fun.

Sunday (our anniversary) we slept in which was wonderful, then we attempted to go to Apple Charlie's but it was so crowded that we barely got out of the car before we got right back in and decided to go another day (20 min wait to buy cider and doughnuts! psh!) Then Steve and I went out for sushi dinner and had a great time ordering all sorts of different things than usual. Steve had octopus, which he said was "different & chewy". The sushi chef must've heard us talking about it being our anniversary because he made us a deep friend banana for dessert for free. It was DELICIOUS!

The Beast went to the vet, and he has worms (poor guy!) and an ear infection. Which we've been treating for a week now. Steve said he was really good for the doctor, and he weighs almost 10lbs, which is big for a 3mo old pug. He's been doing really well at home too. He's learned sit, high five, and laydown, plus he's almost got the concept of fetch down. He's only had one accident in his cage in over a week, which is TERRIFIC! Hopefully those will get less and less as time goes on.

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