Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When science doesn't do the job, the answer is: Increase the dosage...

Well I went in for my cycle day 21 follow up appointment at my reproductive endocrinologist this morning. The doctor was on vacation so I got "stuck" with thee nurse practitioner. Nurse Hayter. She was ok, but really not very personable and didn't know my story at all. I mean c'mon "How long are your cycles typically?" Me just staring at her like a deer in headlights thinking to myself "C'mon lady you could've at least looked over my records first!" I said jokingly "365 days" *SMILE* She didn't get it so I answered her shortly "I don't typically have one." She just smirked and kept looking at her computer and typing in things.

So after that joyous meeting (at which I'm very sure she's capable at her job, she just didn't have a great patient repetoire, and didn't know anything about my file) she sent me over for progesterone level check, where I donated a fresh vile of blood and they sent me on my way. I was super excited to find out because I felt for sure I had ovulated. I mean not that I know what that feels like, but I sure felt different that usual *down there*, and I got a positive ovulation predictor test. Oops, I mean FALSE positive. They called about 2 this afternoon to say my progesterone level was 1.1, BOO! They need to be higher than an 8 to show ovulation. So now I'm on to my next round of provera/clomid (double the clomid). I'm worried that the side effects will worsen with the double dosage, but I guess if it can make my body work correctly than its worth it.

In other news Beast (LFB) is sick. He has worms! Poor pup! Steven took him to the vet yesterday an $180 later we've got a vacinated and sick puppy. He has 4 parasites and an ear infection, poor Beast. We since been clearing the underbrush in our backyard because the Beast more than likely got it from eating Rabbit poop, and our backyard has been lush with rabbit droppings that had me worried about making the Beast sick. We also sprayed the remaining bushes with liquid fence. And let me tell you Liquid Fence smells TERRIBLE! IF you've ever seen Anchor Man when Paul Rudd puts on the "expensive cologne" and they describe what it smells like, this has got to be what was in that bottle.

Also "Wicked" is coming to Detroit from Dec 10 thru Jan 4th, and I have requested that this be my Christmas gift! I'll be so excited if we get to go!

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Jules said...

I fell your pain. I just finished 100mg and I go tomorrow to find out if it's even working. Not to "scare" you, the side effects do increase. The hot flashes were worse and I had headaches for the first time. Taking it at night does help but it's not the "cure all". Good luck with it and let me know how it goes!
Kick the nurse! It takes a few seconds to scan your chart but they rarely do. I always laugh when they ask me "last day of your last natural or unmedicated cycle" uh... If I had one would I be here?