Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Procrastination should've been my middle name instead of Elizabeth....

I can't believe it's almost the end of summer! Where has the summer gone? I never even got a sufficient sun burn to peel and burn again!!! I played ladder golf once, which is usually a one-two times a week summer staple. I went fishing one time and never even caught anything! Steve did however, go to the sweet firework store and spend his summer firework allowance, but still has a good amount stashed in the front hall closet just waiting for him to set on fire. I just went to my FIRST Tiger's game of the summer, and they lost horribly. Although we did keep ourselves busy with scratch offs and Steve messing with the guy that worked there who was totally off the deep end. This guy "Harold" threatened to kick out a family because the their small child (and I mean small, like 3 or 4) threw his stuffed animal and it hit the people in front of them, who subsequently laughed and handed it back. THREATENED TO KICK THEM OUT!! Sheesh, total Napoleon complex.

Wednesday I have a hair appointment, which is sorely overdue. I go to the doctor again on Thursday to see if they are going to schedule me for surgery or not. This is the first time I'm meeting Dr. Blacker, but I have done some online research and she has a kind face, and seems very competent. I've read a few of her fertility articles and she definitely knows her stuff. Afterward, I go back to work and then after that I have my LAST final, and I've earned my Associates Degree! I'm soo excited. One complete month of break, and then its back to the grind double time in the Accelerated BA program. We also got a clear to close on the house, and in 11 days we will become proud home owners!!!! I just can't wait. We are having issues picking out a bedroom set (which we've decided it going to be our first splurge purchase). I don't think I can go back to Art Van for a 4th time just to see the same stuff. Value City has a really nice one that we both love, but it's over the amount we wanted to spend. Don't even get me started on the raping that Gardener White wants for the same stuff. Steve says after we get settled into the house, he's going to contact Dianne (the President of the Mid Michigan Pug Club) and see about our puppy! We're hoping to get him/her in mid October.

Here's a couple pics from Friday night:

P.S. I just started the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer (I have been waiting impatiently for them to come in the mail from Amazon.com for 3 whole days! lol) and I'm already in love with them. Thanks for everyone telling me to read them since you all know what a book whore I am. I now have been slacking on my packing/studying/writing my research paper for 2 days now! I keep coming up with excuses like, "Oh I'll just read to the end of the chapter then I'll fold those sweaters going to Purple Heart." and before I know it, it's 11pm and the night is gone, and I have to get to bed soon or I'll be a zombie tomorrow for work!

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Jules said...

Those books are addictive. You're going to tear through them all and then be sad because they are done. Though she is supposed to "re-write" them from Edwards point of view so that gives us something to hold on to. The Host, her alien book, was really good too. A lot of people said it wasn't but most of them were upset because it wasn't the Cullen/Bella stories. Check that out too!

Good luck at the doctor. I have my fingers crossed for you. A kind face goes a long way in the medical profession!