Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Rushes in....

Yes I know cheesy title, but my witty quips are failing me today.

Either way the beginning of August can bum me out a bit. I think because its the last month of summer and I know that the cold is coming sooner than later. But it excites me also because I know College Football season is weeks away, not months, and I can pull out all my swag and finery and get in the mood.

This August also points out some very big mile stones for Steve and I. First we have a tentative close date on the house for August 29th. Although we've had some issues at my work (Co-workers going on vacation, after I've already had this date cleared for a MONTH!!!), the fact that we need to give our apartment 30 days notice (and our full approval hasn't come through yet!), and third we won't be able to know what time until the week before since Steve's swingy schedule is just that and unpredictable.

In other news, my appointment with Dr. L today went well. We went over my blood results, and x-rays, and ultrasounds. So far the only problem is still the amenorrhea, and sub septum uterus. All my levels are good, they actually showed I was in Luteal Phase, which is promising. I go see a new doctor (Dr. B, fertility guru) in Troy on the 21st. I'm a little nervous since this doctor will tell me whether I have to have surgery or not on the subseptus.

Also, in three weeks I will officially have my first degree!!! These last weeks are going to be painful, but its nice to just have to go to one class. I got an A in my online course, so my GPA is still up there to graduate Summa Cum Laude. My Associates in Marketing/Business is just a step. In September I'm starting the accelerated BA program. That will be 15 months of pure education hell, but I can actually see the pot of gold at the end, so I'm looking forward to it.

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Jules said...

Hey Sarah. Lots of good things are coming your way. I've been lazy with emails but I promise I'll get back to you on facebook asap. Congratulations again on the house and also on the degree.
Good luck with the new guru and let me know how it goes!