Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another day, another dollar, another doctor....

So why is it when we obtain or want certain things it seems like you notice how many others have that same exact thing you have or want.

For example, when we first bought our Silver Impala, I was like sweet, I haven't noticed these before, it's nice. NOW, where ever I go I see them. In fact, another person in my office building has one because I tried to get in it once and freaked out that my doors weren't unlocking by the button thingy and my key didn't work. I mean aside from my paranoia thinking that something else had taken over or I had a fugue and drove the other car and lost my marbles. I finally realized, hey that's not my cd case or my umbrella in the back seat and saw that my car was a half of a level lower blinking back at me with desperation. DUH! Silly me!

Example two. When we were thinking about purchasing a Nintendo Wii, and then the car broke and the money went towards that it was like all of a sudden Wii's were EVERYWHERE. Before when we searching for a Wii we wouldn't have to pay out the arse for. THEN, slip, trip, and a whole new set of breaks laters and they were everywhere and sadly our savings account had been put back down to nil.

Third example. Steve and I have finally started putting more things together and are purchasing our first home next month, and in anticipation we have been going to the obgyn's office getting my reproductive health in line, in order to expand our family in the next year, besides buying a puppy (which will happen soon!) Our neighbors pug was in the hall when I got home from work yesterday and preceded to follow me in. I can't wait to have a little fat beasty of our own. But I digress. So when I get the call yesterday that I indeed need to go see yet a THIRD doctor for more tests and another procedure, its pretty depressing that pregnant women seem to be popping up everywhere in my life. Not that I am not happy(and also envious) for them. It just seems like how many more will this happen to before it is me. I mean c'mon I must know at least 6 people that are pregnant right now. 2 just gave birth less than a month ago. That's 8 people! I know I'm at the tender age of 28 where these things are happening more often, but c'mon! It makes it harder for me to understand the reason for abortion, when the emotions and tests that I am willfullingly putting myself through to obtain the same result but opposite are more expensive and at least similarily painful.

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