Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stars and Stripes

Of course I mention the celebration of the 4th, and when we head to the Lake this weekend all of our Canadien peeps will still be celebrating Canada Day! It's one of the most fun weekends of the summer for a few reasons. 1. It's usually great weather, and warm enough to swim in the lake (which has been freezing until this point) 2. Everyone is up there because of the dual Holidays 3. It's extra special because my wonderful father-in-law is turning 50! 4. FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD!

It's a little strange to be married to the oldest of five, whilst I'm the youngest of four. (stepfamily included) Steve parents are so much younger than mine, and act it. While Dad & Dawn are 50 and 38 respectively. My Mom & John are 60 and 74. While Steve has a sister that is 8 1/2 and is still getting her adult teeth, my eldest sibling is older than my mother-in-law and all three of my sisters have 7 children between them. It's a generation gap for sure. I've never had to be an older sister. I was always the one left behind playing barbies while they were off on dates or going to college. It's fun getting to hang out with Shelby or the others. I realized a while ago that people are looking at me as an adult now, not just a bigger version of a kid. I was at the mall in line to get some pretzel bites (my crave, have to have, when I go to the mall) and there was a teenage girl in front of me (we'll say 15-16ish) and she almost bumped into me because she was fooling around with her friends who were in line with her. So, she almost bumped into me, her friends all shut up gave her a look, and she turned around and said to ME "Sorry about that ma'am" MAAM!!!!! Ugh, that was so depressing!

In other news, I went to a new doctor yesterday. Dr. Lutsic. Steve and my mom both thought that I needed to see a more pro-active OBGYN because of my amenorhea. She was great. I didn't need to be checked again which is wonderful because that's the part that I HATE. She also sending me for a plethora of blood tests (all in one shot I hope) and for an pelvic ultrasound. FINALLY, a doctor that doesn't push aside my worries and tell me I'm fine. So I go back in a month to see if how everything turned out.

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Jules said...

That's my old Doctor and I love her. She is fabulous. I ended up sending everyone there. She's fabulous.

Hope you have a great time celebrating!