Monday, July 14, 2008

Our house is a very, very very fine house...

So, drum roll please.....WE GOT THE HOUSE!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. When we put the offer in over a month ago, and she countered with a price higher than her asking I knew then that it wasn't going to work out. Even though we both absolutely fell in love with the house we weren't willing to pay what she wanted for it. And obviously she wasn't willing to let go of it for less. So we countered a couple times and then said forget it and started looking at other houses. Steve and I were sitting up at the Miller's camper over 4th of July weekend thinking "Man, should we contact our agent and see if what we can do to get that house?" So we talked about it for a couple days and had decided that Monday morning I'd email Jen and see about the Nelson house (which is its name) So what do I see to my surprise waiting for me when I open my email Monday??? An email from our agent stating that the seller was will to renegotiate with US! So after a couple of gruelling days of waiting for her to quit being wishy washy and sign the darn papers, we FINALLY found out that WE GOT THE HOUSE (there's a pic of it a couple of posts below). So we had the home inspection Friday evening and everything is good to go! Tentative close date Sept 1st.

List of why I can't wait to be in the house:

1. We can finally get a puppy!


3. Room for all our stuff

4. No more quarters for laundry

5. Our own backyard, so I can PLANT things in the ground instead of in pots!

So my classes have been going well until this past weekend when I wasn't able to post my discussion questions that were due Saturday. So now they are two days late and I'm going to have to wait to do it until lunch. Stupid laptop signal. I'm not too worried I have been doing really well in that class. Microeconomics though is extremely boring, and I think I'm over thinking the equations. I feel like I have watch myself from overanalyzing the problem. The teacher is friendly enough though, although he has this annoying as hell quirk where he is constantly making a "tsk" sound with his tongue on the roof of his mouth. I mean CONSTANTLY. Over a hundred times in less than two hours. We counted. and says "UM" almost as much. At least he knows what hes talking about and I'm catching on fairly quickly. 6 more weeks until I'm a college graduate. Then I start the hard stuff! I still have to submit my writing sample for the Accelerated Bachelors program. I think I'll do that this week.


Jules said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! You'll have to post more pics of the house!

Ed said...

Congrats in the house!

thanks for the comments on our blog. hopefully our luggage makes it home with us on sunday!