Friday, June 27, 2008

What's the difference between a Northern Baptist and a Southern Baptist?

A Northern Baptist says "There ain't no Hell" and a
Southern Baptist says "The Hell there ain't!"

Just one of the many jokes and oddities I learned on my 4 day trip to Columbia, South Carolina. Like the word Tetotaler for instance refers to a person that doesn't drink. Or a Backrow Baptist, refers to someone who comes last to church and is first to leave. Other than that I learned how to make Purple Jesus Juice. Which is your basic Jungle Juice only you add grape cool-aide and a pint of grain alcohol.

I really did learn a lot while I was down there. Colonial Life is a huge company and so well organized. They are a well oiled machine and everyone there is completely knowledgable about their department. AND talk about friendly! You couldn't even pass someone in the hall with them saying "Hey ya'll" In fact, it wasn't just at the office, it was everywhere. I also really like how every man is chivalrous when around a woman. Opening doors and things. Some even went so far as to stand when you left the table (I don't think I've ever seen that in real life! Just the movies) I know I had to have gained at least 5lbs while down there because all we did was meetings and meetings w/ food! They fed us constantly and I wasn't complaining! The food was EXCELLENT! Cheesecakes, Chocolate covered fruit, cookies, steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, sandwich wraps, candy. You name it!

I came back from there with a wealth of knowledge about Colonial and the way they work. Now we just have to implement it in our scheme of things here at the office. I wish I could've seen more of where we were. We did take a drive past the State Capitol Building in the limo we had one evening for dinner. I also know we were about an hour and a half from the ocean, but I never even saw the local lake. Lake Murray, which I was told has great fishing! Here's a couple pics from my trip. The first is proof that I was there! The second is the group I was there with (the others came from Tacoma, Washington/Florence, Alabama/Oklahoma City, Ok/Mason City, IA) The third pic is Ron, our driver. He was awesome.

In other news, we didn't get the house. We weren't willing to pay what she wanted for it so we let it go. She wouldn't even come down a full 2 grand. We didn't think it was worth what she wanted for it. So back to the drawing board! Plus I've started classes again! 8 more weeks until I get my first degree! WOO HOO!

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