Thursday, June 12, 2008

Up Up and Away

Well it's been a very exciting couple of weeks. First the Red Wings win the Stanley cup (a couple pictures to follow!)then I do well on my finals and I received an A in Marketing Seminar and a B+ in Accounting 2. One more semester to go and I'm done with my Associates Degree!! I start the accelerated bachelor's program in September. Dr. Cameron (my dean) has approved the start of my AB program and I should finish in 15 months. So by December of 2009 (hopefully) I'll be gradutated! (woo hoo! before I'm 30 and everything! pray for me, I'll need it)

Anyway back to the Wing's. Steve, Alex, Brittany, Katy, Joe, & I all went down to the Wings parade last Friday. Steve forced me out of bed (even with my horrendus sniffles and hacking cough) at 6:30 am to go pick up Braxney (as I now affectionately call them)and head Downtown. It was already 83 by 7:30 in the morning and showed no signs of slowing, so I brought my handy dandy SPF50 ultrasweatproof spray and filled our cooler and we headed out. The parade was great. I couldn't believe all the fans, it was really a terrific spectacle:

In other news, Steve and I have been looking at homes and I think we've found "the one" although we really wanted to wait a few more months we fell in love with this house as soon as we went inside. I'm taking my brother in law, Kevin, over there tomorrow so he can look at the "little" things to make sure it's worth putting in an offer. (we don't want to waste anyones time) Here's a picture of the house:

Keep us in your prayers!

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