Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They Go together like a horse and carriage

First I want to express my thanks to everyone that's kept my family in your prayers for the last five days. John, my stepdad, I am happy to say was taken off the vetilator yesterday and has been breathing on his own quite nicely for almost 24 hours. He contracted pneumonia while in the hospital, but the staff at Oakwood isn't too worried since they said it's to be expected with congestive heart failure/heart attack. They have him on a swift diet of drugs helping fight the infection, some for pain, and some for his other maladies that come with age. He will stay in the ICU until tomorrow to make sure everything stays as smooth as possible. Hopefully he'll be resting at home by the weekend! Our annual Memorial Day weekend festivities have been aborted, but all's well that ends well. Steven and I will probably head over there this weekend and BBQ since I don't think my family or I has spent this particular weekend at home in over 15 years!

On another note, I have painstakenly chosen to attend classes this summer! "PLEASE, NO, DON'T MAKE ME" says my heart, but alas, my head has won and I will finish my degree by August. I will be speaking with the dean, Dr. Cameron, and will hopefully be approved to start the Accelerated Bachelors Degree program in September. They put you in these groups called "cohorts" and since I've been plowing through with the same people for the last year and a half I'd like to keep on the same track with them. (my school is HUGE on group projects, and it'd be hell to have to learn to trust a entirely new group of people. Being the new kids always sucked for me)

On that note, I thought I'd end with a couple photos from our first trip to Pointe Pelee this year. If you don't know the story Pointe Pelee holds a special place for Steve and I. We went there on one of our first trips to the cottages together, and we go several times a year. It also happens to be the place the Steve proposed to me, after the 5 hour scavenger hunt he led me on to get me there. The first one is from the proposal 2 years ago, and the second is from 2 weekends ago.

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