Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh the places you'll go

I received a letter from my school this week stating that they needed a new copy of my social security card because the names didn't match (even though I offered this to them at the beginning of the semester after we got married and they said they didn't need it!) and they also wanted to know my intensions of continuing on to the bachelor's program. Well I've been thinking about it, and although I'd really like to continue my education at University of Michigan Dearbon (spoke with a counselor and sent her my transcripts, she said I shouldn't have a problem getting in), I think I might just stay at Baker since I've grown accustomed to their semester legths and the atmosphere. I really enjoy it there because the classes are small, the teachers care about your success, and most of these credits I've worked so hard for won't directly transfer to UofMD. Baker has an accelerated BA program that I might look into. This program helps you finish your BA in 15 months, and is very demanding. I'm just not sure of the path I'd like to follow.

While I was in there, the academic office secretary told me to fill out a graduation packet. Since I only have 2 classes and my internship left to get my Associate of Business degree she said that I might be able to walk in June!!! So I called this morning and as long as I do my internship this summer, I'll get to walk with my class in June! Now I know that it's only my 2 year degree, but dammit I worked damn hard to get this far. Juggling full time schedules is pretty hard, and I feel for the people that add children into that mix, that has to be super tough. So I've sent my letter in to get my internship approved, and hopefully I can do it this summer so I can don that cap and gown in June!!!!

Steve and I are going to the cottage this weekend. We haven't been since they were opened in the beginning of April. Steve and I always say it's fate that brought us together for a few reasons. First we've had same friends for over a decade and never met (even though he came to my birthday party 9 years ago and we never even really met there). Second my parents and his both have cottages 25minute drive apart. It's nice in the summer because we can spend the weekend one night at my parents which is on the lake, and one night at his parents which has all the water toys (boat, jetskis)and the bonfire pit. We usually always have a great time there. So we've been itchin' to get out of here.

The cottages also hold a special place because just beyond his parents' cottage is Point Pelee where he proposed. Saturday we're going to take a drive out there and go out to the tip (if there is one, it changes ALL the time) and see if we can find some good drift wood for the fishtanks.

I am so looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. I do, however, have to bring the laptop since I have ANOTHER paper due next week, which is sure to be a doozie.

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